Minority Unit

by Minority Unit

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released March 14, 2011



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Minority Unit Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Buried Alive
You walk around talkin’ all your shit
You just don’t seem to get the fucking hint
You run your mouth I’ll set you straight
This story ends with you in your grave

Buried alive
With your lies

You’re buried alive with your lies
Track Name: C.M.F
Slurring your words
Your minds in a blur
You want to forget
But you’re making it worse
My minds in the clear
Still as hard as can be
Sober, violent, MINORITY

Los Angeles Straight Edge
On another fucking level

I’ll let the truth always carry me
A clear minded fury
This is my reality
No right or wrong
Just who I am
Broken bastard boys
That stay alive anyway we can

I’ll let the truth always carry me
A clear minded fury
Track Name: Times
The spirit, the vibe, the fury we all hold inside
The sound, three chords
These words that make me feel alive

The people, the times
The memories stuck inside my mind
By my side

I won’t forget
The struggles of the past
These moments I love
I’ll try and make them last
Track Name: Minority Threat
Don’t talk to me about a positive outlook
You talk about life like you read it in a fuckin’ book
All the shit I’ve seen and everywhere I’ve been
Only offered failure and a constant life of sin

Don’t talk to me about your point of view
You don’t know struggle
You never felt abuse

You’re acting like smiles will erase the darkest sides of me
You’re getting nowhere with your ignorant mentality
I’m standing here listening to the shit you say
But you never lived life the MINORITY WAY
Track Name: White Brigade
All you see is the spic in me
And you think it’s okay to
fucking spit on me
Your white brigade
at my front door
You provoked a beast
You’ve never seen before

You’re waving the wrong fucking flag
Eliminate, obliterate, every ounce of
pride you have
You’re waving the wrong fucking flag
The ignorance you follow is a
dead end path

Atrevete puto a hacer me un esclavo
Acercate a mi y te doy un putazo
Con fuerza y rabia te voy hacer sufrir
Aqui' termina to modo de vivir
Track Name: Walk Away
Doubting yourself
Rethinking everything
You don’t feel the same
You’re stuck and afraid to change

Just walk away
Do what you gotta do
Struggling for life that just ain’t right for you
The morals you had no longer apply
Find what you need and leave this life behind

Just walk away and find your truth
But don’t you forget

I’ll stay the same
I’ll hold it down for you
You made the change
But I’m still here for you
I swear to god
If you spit on all that we believed
I’ll cut your tongue out
And you’ll regret everything